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Helen Garner and Joe Cinque’s Consolation

In 2004, Helen Garner released her best-seller, Joe Cinque’s Consolation - a gripping account of the shocking events, its impact on the victim’s family, and the response of the broader community that was left to wonder how such a tragedy could occur. The book was an instant classic and since its publication there has been great interest in bringing the story to the big-screen.

In Joe Cinque’s Consolation , Helen Garner followed the Supreme Court trials of the two young women accused of murdering Joe. Her account starts as gripping reportage, but deepens into a moving study of grief, the craving for justice, the moral failure of the law, and the duty of care we owe each other in a world gone mad.

Our exclusive adaption of Joe Cinque’s Consolation is a heightened psychological crime drama that investigates Joe and Anu’s relationship and the circumstances that resulted in tragedy.

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